I Had Fun in Sinacaban! [Part 1]

by Dwyane

I am not from Sinacaban but I was given the chance to witness the beauty of this municipality in Misamis Occidental when I was invited by my friends to celebrate with them the Feast of St. Joseph last March 2017.

On our way there, I was a bit excited as it was going to be my first time to visit the place.  I have always been fond of travelling around the Philippines as I know there are legions of awe-inspiring places in my own country.  I was expecting to see stunning views in Sinacaban but what genuinely impressed me as soon as I arrived there was literally how the locals celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph… and  I must say that it was truly profound.

17 March 2017

The program began with an ecumenical service at the Quirino Park at 7:00 AM.  It was followed by a procession to Sinakbang Beach where a fluvial parade was held.

After the parade, the program at the Quirino Park resumed for the Sinakbang Dance Contest… and this was when everything else just started to go beyond my expectations.

Prior to the contest proper, Sinacaban Mayor Cris E. Mahilac delivered a speech before his constituents.  I must surmise Mayor Cris E. Mahilac is a leader who has a good sense of humor and is genuinely concerned about the welfare of his people.  I was present at his municipality’s four-day celebration and I had the privilege to listen to all the speeches he delivered which, I must admit, were all truly inspiring most especially for the youth.

After Mayor Cris E. Mahilac’s speech, an intermission dance number was performed by the Tribong IP composed of indigenous people from different barangays including Barangay San Lorenzo Ruiz, Katipunan, Estrella, and Dinas.  It was a cultural dance that could well pass for any performance held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). They were spectacular!

The contest proper then began wherein the contestants also came from various barangays.  The astonishing cultural dance performances literally made my jaw drop.  I was undoubtedly impressed by everything down from the colorful costume designs up to the extraordinary props to the vibrant backdrops and to the energetic dance moves.

I bet you will also be amazed simply by looking at these photos:

Cluster 1 : Barangays Katipunan, Estrella, Dinas, San Lorenzo Ruiz and Tipan
Cluster 2 : Barangays Sinonoc, San Vicente, Camanse and Señor
Cluster 3 : Barangays Cagay-Anon, Colupan Bajo, Colupan Alto & Libertad Bajo
Cluster 4 : Barangays Poblacion, Libertad Alto, San Isidro Bajo and San Isidro Alto
Tribong IP’s intermission number

All groups did well and the judges had a difficult time choosing the grand winner. The contestants were all great but the one that stood out was Cluster 4.

That’s not all!  Learn more about Sinacaban’s celebration of the Feast of St. Joseph in my other blog posts.  Coming soon!


Sinacaban is a municipality under the administration of Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac. It is located in the second district of Misamis Occidental, a province of Northern Mindanao (Region X) in the Republic of the Philippines.

It plays host to several tourist spots that have been further enhanced during the term of Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac including the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, the Sinakbang Beach, and the Tipan Falls.

Such hot spots form part of the municipality’s major developments under the administration of Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac.

[Note: Not all photos and other information found in this site are owned by Discover Sinacaban, but are borrowed from Sinacaban Tourism Action Officer Archie G. Abuhon , Sinacaban locals and friends, and Sinacaban public officials led by Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac.]


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