Cheap Trails: Traveling to the Philippines on a Budget

From its natural beauty to its tropical beaches, its colorful festivities and warm hospitality, there are hundreds of reasons to come visit the Philippines.  But as if that isn’t enough, the fact is that of the many tourist destinations in the world, traveling to the Philippines is relatively affordable.  You certainly get more than your money’s worth, and to give you an idea of how far you can get by on a shoestring budget, here are a few tips on making the most of what this country has to offer on the cheap.

As you prepare for your trip, you should also assess how much money you intend to bring with you.  The best way to do this is by planning a travel itinerary.  List down all the places where you would want to go, the activities that you wish to engage in, the duration of your stay and how much you would have to spend.  You can draft your itinerary based on how much you can afford, or you can budget your funds in accordance with your schedule.

You can get a discount on your ticket price by booking your flight in advance.  There are certain holiday periods, specifically during the Lenten season, when travel fare to the Philippines tends to go up, so you should carefully consider when you want to take your trip to save money.  The best time to book your flight is between the months of July and September, which are considered as a low season for tourism.  July, in particular, has the lowest number of booked flights and is hence the cheapest month to fly to the country.

When you want to move from place to place, instead of taking a taxi, you can save a lot more by riding on one of the public utility vehicles.  You can take a tricycle, a bus, or the ever-present king of the Philippine roads, the jeepney.  The transit fare is very cheap, and if you don’t mind sharing a ride with several people, it can make for a very interesting social experience.

And social skills (as well as knowledge of a few local phrases) are certainly a very helpful traveling tool.  Make friends with the local people; Filipinos are generally known to be a friendly folk and they may be able to tip you off on cheap places to stay or eat and other discount opportunities to avail of.  Traveling in a group is also an advantage, as the more people you travel with, the less the costs will be for food, transportation and lodging.  Speaking of which, you can forego checking into an expensive five-star hotel, and instead book your accommodations at an affordable but decent guesthouse or hostel.

If you want to sample the native cuisine, you wouldn’t need to spend a few hundred pesos on fine dining.  In fact, you can look no further than the nearest street corner or public market.   Check out the various street food stalls and carinderia (eateries) for some of the best and affordable Filipino dishes.  Whether you’re craving for some local comfort food or you have a taste for something a little more exotic like barbecued chicken intestines, you’re in for a very unique dining experience at a reasonably low price.

Have you checked out the beautiful places in Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental?


Sinacaban is a municipality under the administration of Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac. It is located in the second district of Misamis Occidental, a province of Northern Mindanao (Region X) in the Republic of the Philippines.

It plays host to several tourist spots that have been further enhanced during the term of Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac including the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, the Sinakbang Beach, and the Tipan Falls.

Click here or on the image above to learn more about these beautiful places.

Such hot spots form part of the municipality’s major developments under the administration of Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac.


[Note: Not all photos found in this site are owned by Discover Sinacaban, but are borrowed from Sinacaban Tourism Action Officer Archie G. Abuhon , Sinacaban locals and friends, and Sinacaban public officials led by Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac.]


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