Facts and Figures About Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental

The fifth income class municipality of Sinacaban, led by Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac, is located in the second district of Misamis Occidental, a province of Northern Mindanao (Region X) in the Republic of the Philippines.  It was founded in August 30, 1949, and has a total area of 99.09 km2 (38.26 square miles).

Sinacaban is comprised of seventeen (17) barangays, namely: Cagay-anon, Camanse, Colupan Alto, Colupan Bajo, Dinas, Estrella, Katipunan, Libertad Alto, Libertad Bajo, Poblacion, San Isidro Alto, San Isidro Bajo, San Vicente, Senor, Sinonoc, San Lorenzo Ruiz (Sungan), and Tipan.

The population of Sinacaban has ebbed and flowed steadily since 1990, at a population of 14,846 citizens, with a slight 0.14% decline in 1995 at 14,735.  A 1.82% increase in the year 2000 yielded a population of 16,030, followed by an additional 0.63% in 2007 at 16,772.  The highest recorded population rate was in 2010, growing by 3.83% with 18,597 people.  As reported in the 2015 census, the population has dropped only by 0.21%, for a total of 18,391 residents, with a density of 190/km2 (480 square miles).

As of 2016, there are 13,758 registered voters in the city of Sinacaban.  The current mayor is Crisinciano E. Mahilac, and the vice mayor is Bernardino Tiu, Sr.  The provincial governor of Misamis Occidental is Herminia M. Ramiro, while the vice governor is Aurora Virginia M. Almonte.  The provincial council is made up of the following members: Zaldy G. Daminar, Richard T. Centino, Roy M. Yap, Lel M. Blanco, and Pablo Stephen C. Ty for the 1st district; Mena A. Luansing, Emetrio B. Roa, Sr., Octavio O. Parojinog, Jr., Dan M. Navarro, and Tito B. Decina for the 2nd district (which includes Sinacaban).

There are twenty-three (23) public schools in Sinacaban, twenty (20) of which are under the primary or elementary educational system.  They are the following: Libertad Alto Elementary School, Libertad Bajo Elementary School, San Isidro Alto Elementary School, San Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School, Cagay-Anon Elementary School, San Vicente Elementary School, Caraghanan PS, Colupan Alto Elementary School, Colupan Bajo Elementary School, Dinas Elementary School, Senor Elementary School, Sinonoc Elementary School, San Vicente ES Annex, Estrella Elementary School, San Isidro Bajo PS, Camanse Elementary School, Katipunan Elementary School, Libertad Bajo PS, Sinacaban CS, and Tipan Elementary School.

Meanwhile, Sinacaban only has three (3) public high schools.  These are: St. Joseph High School, Sinonoc National High School, and Katipunan National High School.

Sinacaban plays host to two of Misamis’ prominent tourist spots which have been further enhanced during the administration of Mayor Crisinciano E. Mahilac.  One of them, the Sinakbang  Beach Resort, is a popular tropical resort comparable to the beaches of Boracay.  Ideal for parties, special events or family vacations, it is situated in Barangay Poblacion, roughly less than 1 kilometer from the municipal hall positioned at the town highway.

The Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park is a diving destination and marine mammal habitat, its most notable attraction being Dolphin Island, a shelter for rescued dolphins where they are cared for until they are fit to be released back to the sea.  MOAP also comes with a wildlife park housing an extensive menagerie of animals, mostly native to the country.

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